What Is A Backflow
Prevention Valve?

A backflow prevention valve, also known as a RPZ valve, is a valve that is used to prevent the reverse flow of water from a potentially or contaminated source into drinking and potable water supply systems. Backflow protection is the mechanical system used to prevent pollution of the mains water supply, should backflow occur.

Who Can Service, Test And Certify A Backflow Prevention Valve?

Who Needs A Backflow Prevention Valve?

Annual Testing, Certification

All backflow prevention valves are required to be tested and certified at intervals not exceeding 12 months. On completion of an annual backflow test, a report outlining test results and valve performance will be issued to the property owner. The report will be submitted by us to the relevant government authority on your behalf. The report must comply with the relevant code relating to backflow prevention testing and commissioning.

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