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Need Hot water urgent repairs? we can help you.

If you have no hot water, a burst/leaking hot water unit, brown dirty hot water or need a new electric or gas hot water system, or a simple upgrade, we can help you.

We service all kinds of gas, electric and solar hot water units, from gravity feed, mains pressure, storage and continuous flow instantaneous systems.

Over 25 years of continuous reliable service for all the leading brands like Rheem, Dux, Vulcan, Beasley, Edwards, Aquamax, Rinnai, Bosch, Zip, Wilson, Billi and many more.

Every model heater has a compliance plate, so look for it before you call a plumber, “it will save you time”; most hot water units when installed, deliver a minimum of ten years’ service when maintained as per manufacturers’ specifications.

If your plumber tells you “your heater can’t be serviced”, you need to call us, the hot water specialists.

Unless your heater has reached its expiry date (for storage tanks only, date and model of the heater on compliance plate), every model can be serviced and repaired; parts are still available for many brands.

hot water system installations

We are authorised to supply and install a full range of domestic/commercial continuous flow, storage, gas/electric/solar hot water systems, to suit your demand, backed with a professional lifetime labour installation guarantee.

Boiling water installations for coffee and tea facilities

We are authorised to repair, service, supply, and install Zip, Wilson, Billi electric boiling hot water units, for coffee and tea making facilities, in your home, office or business.

Selecting the BEST hot water system for your needs

We can give you the right help and advice and recommendation on which hot water system best suits your needs. We will carry out a hot water audit and give you the most efficient hot water solution for your home, office, business or commercial premises. Most hot water units, when installed and maintained as per manufacturers’ specifications, should deliver a minimum of ten years’ service.


We can advise you on different system warranty options, backed with a professional lifetime labour installation guarantee; you’ll never have hot water problems again.

Regular hot water system servicing

To avoid emergency, unplanned and costly service calls, have your gas or electric hot water heater regularly serviced, maintained and checked as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

This service will without a doubt extend the working life of your heater, make it more energy-efficient and safe to operate and save your running costs.

A typical routine service includes:

  • visual inspection of pipes and necessary connections,
  • testing of temperature and pressure relief valve on heater
  • testing for gas and water leaks
  • testing the thermostat for consistent operation
  • removal and servicing of pilot light and main gas burner and re install
  • checking and inspecting the existing sacrificial anode, and replacing it, if older than five years

Energy Smart Hot Water Solutions

We can supply and install energy-saving options for your existing hot water heater and fixtures. Call us now for a hot water audit, and find out how to save.