1. FREE 100 point Plumbing safety inspection (usually $165.00)
  2. *LIFETIME GUARANTEE on repairs
  3. *Guaranteed PRIORITY scheduling
  4. *Up to 25% member Disc, and free 21 day terms
  5. *FREE water efficiency report (Usually $130.00)  
  6. *SPECIAL OFFERS unavailable elsewhere
  7. *FREE CCTV drain inspection (Usually $309.00)
  8. *FREE plumbing quotes & water save tips

Over $600.00 of value, from as little as $90.00 + GST – One Year Plan

Hi-Line Plumbing’s TOTAL CARE PLAN provides homeowners, property manager’s, building manager’s and property investors exclusive plumbing service, preventing plumbing disasters and unexpected emergency calls, professional plumbing maintenance advice, water save tips, exclusive special offers, discount plumbing and free stuff.

IF you’re the forward thinking person who understands the true VALUE of proper plumbing and property maintenance and service, then our TOTAL CARE PLAN will save you time, MONEY, headaches and unexpected plumbing emergency calls.

A simple and affordable way to receive professional plumbing services, with a lifetime guarantee.