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Properly maintained roofs, gutters, stormwater collection tanks, and stormwater pipework, will ensure maximum performance and extended life span, preventing emergency calls, blockages, and leaks and flooding.

We repair, replace and maintain metal, tile and slate roofs, flashings, gutters, and downpipes and stormwater lines for domestic and commercial customers.

We repair or replace copper and asbestos roofs, flashings and gutters for single or multi-storey heritage-listed buildings and dwellings.

We come with well over 25 years of genuine industry experience and can help you solve your future roof and gutter problems.

All our roof work carries a lifetime labour guarantee and surpasses all the relevant Australian standards.

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Leaf gutter guard installation/bushfire ember protection

If you live in a bush fire area or where trees overhang your roof or gutters, leaves can become an ongoing risky maintenance issue, being the direct cause for most overflowing gutters, blocked gutters, downpipes and bushfire ember attacks, which lead to house fires.

A mesh gutter protection system is used to prevent leaf and debris build-up, ensuring maximum life and performance of your guttering and stormwater drainage system and providing maximum bushfire protection against ember attacks.

The mesh gutter guard totally covers the complete gutter, valley or box gutter, stopping leaf debris from entering gutter and stormwater pipes, ensuring maximum water quality for water collection in stormwater tanks.

When installed correctly, it will remove the majority of maintenance, gutter cleaning and most risk factors from your guttering and stormwater drainage system.

The main cause of houses igniting during a bushfire is not because the fire front has reached the house, but rather due to ember attacks. Winds can carry embers up to 100metres and 30 minutes ahead of the bushfire front.

The biggest link we see between burning embers and house fires is the build-up of leaves which have blown or fallen onto a roof and settled in gutters.

The benefit of using a leaf/gutter guard is that it also acts as an ember guard, ensuring that gutters are kept free of leaves and debris whilst preventing ember attacks.

To provide effective ember protection for homes in bushfire-prone areas, the leaf/gutter guard needs to meet the specified Australian standard in aperture size; so don’t settle for anything less.

Our system surpasses all current Australian standards for drinking water collection and fire protection.

Our leaf guard installation comes with a lifetime labour guarantee.

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