Hi-Line Plumbing Offers Professional Gas Repairs and Installations and Gas Leak and Appliance Repair Service For All Natural and LPG Gas Fixtures.

Gas servicing, repairs, installation and testing work should only be carried out by licensed, fully certified and insured gas plumbers.

All gas work comes with a lifetime labour satisfaction guarantee, giving you added peace of mind that all work is in compliance with the latest gas and safety regulations.

We take a level of pride in our workmanship as you have never experienced before.

Natural Gas Installations

We are authorised to carry out, install, repair, certify and test all-natural gas and LPG installation works and appliances.

We install:

We also do gas testing and provide certificate of compliance for natural gas and LPG gas lines and appliances.

Free advice! All new installation work is backed with a professional lifetime labour installation guarantee.

Gas leak repairs and appliance service

If you have a gas leak, or can smell gas, call us now on 0418 633 633. We can help you FAST.

We carry out repairs for:

Gas hot water heater service

Servicing and regularly maintaining your gas storage hot water heater as per the manufacturer’s specification will ensure that you avoid costly and unplanned emergency service calls. It dramatically extends the working life expectancy of your heater, makes it more energy-efficient and safe to operate, and save your running costs.

A typical routine service includes:

Gas room heater service

Portable Gas room/space heaters should be installed and serviced/maintained by a licensed gas fitter only, at least every two years.

A hazardous gas room heating unit may cause a family house fire or pollute your house with hazardous toxins, such as high levels of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that is:

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are:

Signs to look for during heater operation:

Servicing and maintaining your gas room heater every two years and using it to the manufacturers’ specifications will ensure it operates both safely and economically.

Servicing by a fully qualified expert is essential and definitely advised every two years. Some manufacturers recommend servicing even more frequently, so check your unit’s manual.

On completion of servicing, your heater is tested, commissioned and digitally tested for safe carbon monoxide levels, in the proposed room of use.

Please call Hi-Line Plumbing to have your gas room heater serviced.