Annual testing, servicing and installation of thermostatic
mixing valves.

What is a thermostatic mixing valve?

A thermostatic mixing valve (TMV) is a valve that blends hot water with cold water to ensure SAFE consistent shower, bath and basin outlet water temperatures, preventing any scalding. It takes as little as a second to receive third-degree burns from Hot water over 65 degrees Celsius. A TMV is a high-performance valve designed to give stable and dependable operation, provided it is installed, maintained and commissioned as per the manufacturer’s specifications and as per the requirements of AS4032.1.

Who can service a thermostatic mixing valve?

An accredited certified licensee is the only person permitted to service, commission and test a thermostatic mixing valve, as per AS4032.1.We supply, install, commission and test all model thermostatic mixing valves. We provide high-quality testing and maintenance programs for all makes and models of TMVs. We only use genuine parts, from trusted suppliers, to ensure all servicing is carried out to the safest standard possible.

Who needs a thermostatic mixing valve?

Annual testing

All TMVs are required to be serviced and tested at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

On completion of an annual TMV service, our customers are issued with a report for each TMV valve, outlining what work was carried out, parts used and the overall valve performance. The report must comply with the relevant code relating to NSW health, aged care, child care, day-care, special needs, correctional or community/public amenities.

We can provide further assistance with risk assessments and compliance paperwork, relating to thermostatic mixing valves. We will schedule your TMV, and advise you one month before the anniversary test/service date of each TMV, to guarantee the valve remains in compliance and up to date with the relevant code.

If you have any TMV enquires please don’t hesitate to email/call us on the HOTLINE.